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A Murder Without End is the story of how the death of Joshua Hayes in Jacksonville, Florida, led to a tragedy in Scotland, to one of the longest extradition battles in British legal history, and how one mother fought for justice beyond anyone’s expectations. Award-winning journalist Tristan Stewart-Robertson takes you on a journey across decades and continents, and brings to light how the act of murder doesn’t just kill the victim.

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Journalism, such as A Murder Without End podcast, might be free to listen to. But it isn’t free to make.
This exclusive series was created without any funding: all research, archive audio, voice overs and music were sourced and paid for by Tristan Stewart-Robertson. So: if you enjoyed what you heard, please donate what you can. Any support you can spare would be invaluable. Thank you.


Episode 1: The Boat Ramp

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Episode 2: Gone Fishing

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Episode 3: Eldon Street

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Episode 4: End of the Line

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Episode 5: 17 Judges

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Episode 6: August 10th, 1999

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Episode 7: 175 Days

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Episode 8: Never Quitting

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Episode 9: The Table

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Tristan Stewart-Robertson was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, and obtained a post-grad diploma in journalism studies (newspaper option) from Cardiff University in 2002. He has been working for local and national papers in Scotland ever since. In 2019, he was named local/weekly features writer of the year at the Scottish Press Awards.


Liam Pollock, having studied broadcasting and producing at university, has been using those skills for creating content on different platforms, and has now decided to use them to help his partner Tristan with this podcast.


Jason Skinner is an artist and educator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where his large-scale work can be found adorning buildings as well as illustrating magazines and sidewalks. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, he met Tristan when he became the first artist in residents for Tomorrow.is.
See more of Jason’s work at jasonskinner.ca.


Dillon Anthony is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer, most recognized for his work on pedal steel, guitar, and keyboard for the rock band Kill Chicago. An alumni of Berklee College of Music and The Banff Centre, he is an accomplished session musician well versed in many genres of music.
Visit www.dillonanthony.com for more on his work.