Who We Are

Who, what, when, where, and why?

Where is Tomorrow based?

Tomorrow is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

What does Tomorrow cover?

As you can tell from our principles, we are looking for a variety of news, features, investigations, and history. We might look for a local story first, but set it within a global context.

We are primarily interested in exclusive stories. Tomorrow aims to find the different. We need to be able to vouch for the accuracy of what we report, and you need to be able to trust what we do. As with all news organisations, we make editorial decisions about what is “news” and what is not. But we will cover a breadth of issues and look into any tips or suggestions you may have to see if there is a potential story.

Why core principles and are there others?

The model for core principles was developed to offer a stronger and more enduring foundation for
journalism. Technology is merely a tool for meeting our principles, rather than the basis for our journalism. Rather than constantly chasing new developments to find readers, we must find the content to justify the interest and donations by readers, and that can be achieved only through core principles. Any journalistic organisation could come up with their own set of principles, and we have tested this model with a Scottish school to great reception. We put it up front so you know what we’re about, how we operate and what defines us.

Who owns Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is owned and operated by directing editor Tristan Stewart-Robertson. We are tied to no bank loans, government grants, major corporations or otherwise. Anyone can make donations but that guarantees no immunity from public interest reporting. Just as anyone, of any background, can buy a newspaper or watch TV, we cannot restrict donations based on personal background. We can
merely assure visitors that no donation will ever affect our reporting.

We can never be bought. Period.

Will you ever charge for content on Tomorrow?

Our content is offered freely as the only way to justify our principles. That will remain the case. We cannot reconcile a paywall against our core principles.