Artist in Residence

Assigning Guilt

Jason Skinner’s art attack

See all the art created by Tomorrow’s artist in residence, Jason Skinner, and how he’s illustrated our stories.

Contentious museums

Berlin museum collections: Moving into the future?

What do museum objects mean to visitors, curators and original communities from which they come? A Berlin museum is working to move its past into the future.

Musical betting

Why listening to Louis Armstrong could lead to riskier bets

HAPPY music such as Louis Armstrong’s “St Louis Blues” can lead you to make riskier lottery bets, compared to sad music such as The Cure, says a new study.

Mr Smith goes to Washington – but why?

Mr Smith goes to Washington but won’t tell the press why. How is journalism changing and why won’t sources speak to reporters?

Nelson Mandela 1 by Jason Skinner

Nelson Mandela death – an artist’s tribute

Artist in residence Jason Skinner has offered an artistic tribute to the late South African president Nelson Mandela, who died at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013.

Jason Skinner

Tomorrow appoints first Artist in Residence

Jason Skinner has been named Tomorrow’s first Artist in Residence. The programme brings original art to further develop and complement our news, features and other content.