Winter Survival

Domino’s apologises for TV ad depicting ‘Inuit’

Pizza firm Domino’s is one of many major companies in the UK using Indigenous culture and celebration of colonialism for corporate gain.


As Olympics begin, little progress on athlete funding or indigenous sport

Canadian athlete funding has been cut in real terms for 12 years and the government is still considering indigenous sport calls to action, a year on.

Michelle Gates

We the people: Oklahoma Primaries, Super Tuesday

If politics is about people, who are the people politicians are fighting to represent? “We the people” brings the human stories in Oklahoma on “Super Tuesday” of the US presidential primaries race.

Non-prescription medicines

The trouble with non-prescription medicines

One in five patients misuse non-prescription medicines and almost 40 per cent don’t always read instructions, finds a study from the University of Aberdeen.


‘Little girls playing’: Music industry’s gender bias

Interviews with women in music industry management described being assessed by gender, not competence and having to adjust their behaviour to fit in with men.

Refugees, by Jason Skinner

Syrian refugees: Inside the arrivals gate

Why was the arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada public but private in Scotland? Are we paying attention to hidden parts of immigration and refugee systems?


Are superbugs stalking refugees in Europe?

Refugees and migrants arriving in Europe could be immune to antibiotics deployed to help them recover from war trauma and journeys across continents, medics fear.


Schools should teach ‘sacrifice’, says educator

‘Sacrifice’ and the concept of ‘enough’ should be used to teach sustainability in schools and combat rampant consumerism, claims a university educator.

Mediate 2015

Better sales pitch needed for mediation, says analyst

Neighbours looking to resolve disputes are being put off within seconds of first phone calls to mediation services because mediators can’t explain what they do, hears Mediate 2015.

Ethics festival

Business ethics: ‘Mediocre’ is ‘good enough’

The “mediocre” should be encouraged in business ethics as more consumers look for “just” businesses, hears “The Only Way Is Ethics” festival in Glasgow.

European Union

Europe’s bureaucratic and antibiotics resistance

Resistance to antibiotics is one of the world’s leading health problems. What progress has been made after decades of effort and bureaucracy?

Justice Rowan Downing

Khmer Rouge victims left without justice for decades

A former judge of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia has warned politicians are not learning the lessons to prevent future genocide and war crimes.


#Artpoli: Canadian federal election 2015

Tomorrow’s artist in residence Jason Skinner worked with voters in Halifax, NS, to express issues matter in the Canadian federal election through collages.

Parliament Hill

PMO uses more trackers than other G8 leaders combined

PM Stephen Harper’s official government website uses more trackers 30 world governments homepages while the Green Party of Canada uses even more.

United States flag

US presidential candidates use 295 trackers to campaign

Candidates vying for presidential nominations in the United States use 295 trackers between their 23 websites with Super PACs deploying hundreds more.

UK flag

Greens use more trackers than any UK political party

The Green Party of England and Wales deploys more trackers on its website than almost many other Westminster parties combined, third most in the world.

Pain in the Google

Patients turn to Google for health answers

Research has found patients are using Google for health answers on injuries and treatments, with searches more than a third higher in summer than winter.

Canadian cash

11th cut to athlete funding

Elite athlete funding continues to be cut in real terms in Canada even as new public-private cash is set to flow to potential future stars.

US Court House in Philadelphia

Immigration procedure used to block individual rights, says researcher

Do governments use immigration procedure to deny individual rights? Professor Jill Family said only a culture change will deliver fairness to cases.

Woodend Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club

We the people: UK general election 2015

Politics is about people – but what are the people actually doing outside a political bubble? ‘We the People’ goes in search of news outwith the election.

Is justice balanced?

Toronto immigration board: No more ‘I love you’s’

A Toronto immigration board appeal hearing has declared a marriage to be “not genuine” and for the purposes of getting a husband from Vietnam into Canada.

Is justice balanced?

Philadelphia immigration court: ‘Soccer player’ in ‘wrong place’

A MAN who said he was a professional soccer player in his native Jamaica was warned about who he associates with after connections to a $1/2m drugs bust.

Is justice balanced?

Philadelphia immigration court: Lengthy wait for limited amnesty

A man has appeared at Philadelphia Immigration Court seeking one of 4000 limited “cancellation of removal” waivers granted each year.

Orsola de Castro

Orsola de Castro: Why consumers don’t ask fashion questions

Sustainable fashion designer Orsola de Castro speaks to Tomorrow about how to change the industry and consumer habits.

Glasgow 2014

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – talking ‘legacy’

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are underway and includes the largest para-sport programme ever. But what does that mean for the continuing quest for a “legacy”?

Musical betting

Why listening to Louis Armstrong could lead to riskier bets

HAPPY music such as Louis Armstrong’s “St Louis Blues” can lead you to make riskier lottery bets, compared to sad music such as The Cure, says a new study.

114th Battalion

Six Nations hunt for lost World War I history

An appeal is going out to rediscover information about the Six Nations soldiers and the carved flagpole stopper of the 114th Battalion from World War I.

St Andrew's School

Indigenous youth hunger for food and knowledge

What does healthy eating mean to indigenous people? For the youth in remote and urban communities, it’s about nutrition and knowledge, and both can be difficult to access.

Canadian cash

Athlete funding cut for ninth straight year – UPDATED

Athlete funding for Paralympians is cut for the 10th straight year in real terms by Canadian budget. What legacy will the London 2012 Paralympics have?

Jimmy Sandy Memorial School

School grades suffer in clash of cultures

Study finds lower grades for children caught between two sides – Research at a remote Quebec school looks at “cultural mismatch” of indigenous and white culture and education. Do students perform well when both spheres collide?

Olympic Park

Canadian athletes call for grassroots legacy from Paralympics

Athletes have vowed to push for a legacy of more facilities, access to sport and greater public awareness after the most successful Paralympics in history.

Parliament design: The shape of debate to come

How should our legislative assemblies and parliaments be designed? Is it time to reimagine the spaces for political discourse? Two leading architects think so.