Tag: #11 Promote responsible debate and mediation

Factual sovereignty: The end of reporting, history and discourse?

“Factual Sovereignty” is a model to explain how individuals declare what is “true” about others, the role of reporters and the need for mediation.


Are you willing to see journalism wed mediation?

Journalism has to change. Are you willing to consider how reporters could solve problems in communities, such as through mediation? Are you willing to view journalism in new ways?


The Art of Politics: Canadian federal election 2015

Make art about the issues that matter most in the Canadian federal election 2015 at Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra in Halifax, NS, on September 19, 2015.

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission on residential schools in Canada has implications for Tomorrow as a news organisation, which we endorse.


Charlie Hebdo: What it means for Liberté

#JesuisCharlie, and #JesuisAhmed, and most importantly, #JesuisLiberté. What the attack on Charlie Hebdo means for journalism.

The saltire

Scottish independence and freedom of expression

Tomorrow would argue that freedom of expression must be protected as a first principle if or when Scotland separates or if or when the British government decides to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

"Hello My Name Is Vladimir" beer

Why we must watch the Winter Olympics

Do not turn away from the Winter Olympics. And do not turn away from the news from Russia when the games are over. Why boycotting the Sochi games is wrong.

Rob Ford and the dancing monkey

If you train a monkey to dance, then tell it to dance, and it dances, is that still news? No, Rob Ford is not newsmaker of the year. But how was 2013 for Tomorrow?

Jason Skinner

Tomorrow appoints first Artist in Residence

Jason Skinner has been named Tomorrow’s first Artist in Residence. The programme brings original art to further develop and complement our news, features and other content.