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Mediate 2015

Better sales pitch needed for mediation, says analyst

Neighbours looking to resolve disputes are being put off within seconds of first phone calls to mediation services because mediators can’t explain what they do, hears Mediate 2015.

Justice Rowan Downing

Khmer Rouge victims left without justice for decades

A former judge of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia has warned politicians are not learning the lessons to prevent future genocide and war crimes.

US Court House in Philadelphia

Immigration procedure used to block individual rights, says researcher

Do governments use immigration procedure to deny individual rights? Professor Jill Family said only a culture change will deliver fairness to cases.

Is justice blind?

Immigration courts – are we blind to justice?

Reporters are not testing immigration courts and tribunals enough, they are showing deference to power, and justice is not being seen to be done.

Is justice balanced?

Toronto immigration board: No more ‘I love you’s’

A Toronto immigration board appeal hearing has declared a marriage to be “not genuine” and for the purposes of getting a husband from Vietnam into Canada.

US Court House in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Immigration Court: Where numbers rule

Exclusive: Witness the forms, alien numbers, delays, a world of nationalities and human migration colliding inside the Philadelphia Immigration Court.

Is justice balanced?

Philadelphia immigration court: Lengthy wait for limited amnesty

A man has appeared at Philadelphia Immigration Court seeking one of 4000 limited “cancellation of removal” waivers granted each year.