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Non-prescription medicines

The trouble with non-prescription medicines

One in five patients misuse non-prescription medicines and almost 40 per cent don’t always read instructions, finds a study from the University of Aberdeen.


‘Little girls playing’: Music industry’s gender bias

Interviews with women in music industry management described being assessed by gender, not competence and having to adjust their behaviour to fit in with men.

Pain in the Google

Patients turn to Google for health answers

Research has found patients are using Google for health answers on injuries and treatments, with searches more than a third higher in summer than winter.

Musical betting

Why listening to Louis Armstrong could lead to riskier bets

HAPPY music such as Louis Armstrong’s “St Louis Blues” can lead you to make riskier lottery bets, compared to sad music such as The Cure, says a new study.

Two-row wampum

Indigenous health inequality: are the boats sailing apart?

Research finds disparity in indigenous health, and tries to bridge the divide. Are the boats of the Two Row Wampum sailing further apart?

Jimmy Sandy Memorial School

School grades suffer in clash of cultures

Study finds lower grades for children caught between two sides – Research at a remote Quebec school looks at “cultural mismatch” of indigenous and white culture and education. Do students perform well when both spheres collide?