World para swimming championships hit Glasgow

The IPC Swimming World Championships are being held in Glasgow, UK, from July 13 to 19,1 and Tomorrow caught up with athlete in residence Morgan Bird to find out about the competition so far and her training for the Para Pan Pacific Championships in Toronto next month and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Ms Bird is competing in 100m butterfly S8, 50m, 100m, and 400m freestyle S8 and 4x100m freestyle relay. She has previously explained the classification system and her own experiences with it for Tomorrow.

Ms Bird is next in action at the Para Pan Pacific Championships in Toronto, Ontario in August.

Attendance in Glasgow has not been high and despite the Daily Record newspaper and Clyde 1 radio signed up as official media partners, neither have any coverage of the championships on their websites beyond single preview articles.

Craig McCord, national coach for para swimming at Swimming Canada2 and a native of Glasgow, said the Canadian team was a mix of older veterans and younger athletes developing their skills. He said he was hopeful media coverage in Canada would increase after this summer.

Mr McCord added: “These are absolutely a good rehearsal for Rio and we’re producing a high performance of swimming.

“Coming out of London [Paralympics] and the media that Channel 4 did, it really emphasised the development of the sport in Britain. We’re hoping the same will happen out of Toronto and the Canadian Paralympic Committee has come out with the best media package ever coming into the Para Pan Pacific Championships.”


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