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Newspaper journalism

Cairncross Review: Can local journalism be saved?

The Cairncross Review in the UK has been soliciting evidence on the future of “high-quality journalism” as local newspapers are under threat.

Happy birthday to us

Our third birthday and a year of growth

Tomorrow marks its third birthday today with continued growth and unique pageviews up 23 per cent year on year – but there’s much more work ahead.

Hacking attempts

657 world destinations that tried to hack this website in 48 hours

Over 48 hours, there were 657 attempts to hack Tomorrow from IP addresses around the world, particularly Russia.


Charlie Hebdo: What it means for Liberté

#JesuisCharlie, and #JesuisAhmed, and most importantly, #JesuisLiberté. What the attack on Charlie Hebdo means for journalism.

This post is about Katie Hopkins so you click it

If you know that the media is manipulating you, does that mean they should continue to manipulate because you’re not clicking away from Katie Hopkins?

The saltire

Scottish independence and freedom of expression

Tomorrow would argue that freedom of expression must be protected as a first principle if or when Scotland separates or if or when the British government decides to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

News vs journalism

World Press Freedom Day – our responsibilities

World Press Freedom Day should remind the press to use the freedom to good ends, to justify that freedom to our readers, viewers or listeners.

Mr Smith goes to Washington – but why?

Mr Smith goes to Washington but won’t tell the press why. How is journalism changing and why won’t sources speak to reporters?

Rob Ford and the dancing monkey

If you train a monkey to dance, then tell it to dance, and it dances, is that still news? No, Rob Ford is not newsmaker of the year. But how was 2013 for Tomorrow?

Nelson Mandela 1 by Jason Skinner

Nelson Mandela death – an artist’s tribute

Artist in residence Jason Skinner has offered an artistic tribute to the late South African president Nelson Mandela, who died at the age of 95 on December 5, 2013.