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Silent Times

The unquiet quiet of moments of silence

What do moments of silence mean? Are they too short? Does the length of time rank loss? Are we learning lessons for the future? Listen, read, hush.

What are we wearing

What are we wearing – Part 2

“What are we wearing”, a Tomorrow investigation of the potential to weave a new economy with New Brunswick textiles. Part 2: Fields of blue, and ‘scratchy as hell’.

Contentious museums

Berlin museum collections: Moving into the future?

What do museum objects mean to visitors, curators and original communities from which they come? A Berlin museum is working to move its past into the future.

114th Battalion

Six Nations hunt for lost World War I history

An appeal is going out to rediscover information about the Six Nations soldiers and the carved flagpole stopper of the 114th Battalion from World War I.

Flag of the 114th

The independence battalion

How the Six Nation men of the 114th Battalion in World War I shaped indigenous relations in Canada for decades to come as they asserted their independence.

Baron de Hirsch or Starr Street Synagogue

The time the kosher butcher was put on trial

It was called “one of the greatest misfortunes which ever befell Canadian Jewry” when the kosher butcher in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was found guilty of using inhumane practices to animals. What did the trial mean and how did the community turn the conviction on its head?

The man who had a C-section

Robert Baldwin was one of Canada’s most important leaders and an architect of “responsible government”. But this “man of courage” also battled severe depression.