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Scottish independence and freedom of expression

Tomorrow would argue that freedom of expression must be protected as a first principle if or when Scotland separates or if or when the British government decides to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

#BUMonday – your week can only get better from here

Tomorrow is marking Broken Umbrella Monday (#BUMonday) with weird and wild examples of these once proud shelters of all colours and shapes that are no more.

UK museum objects

These sources are from UK museums and galleries about Indigenous objects listed as coming from Canada, the US or North American. The sources were released to reporter Tristan Stewart-Robertson in 2006 in response to requests under Freedom of Information legislation in the UK. The details can be considered accurate at the time of the release and may […]

World Press Freedom Day – our responsibilities

World Press Freedom Day should remind the press to use the freedom to good ends, to justify that freedom to our readers, viewers or listeners.

Mr Smith goes to Washington – but why?

Mr Smith goes to Washington but won’t tell the press why. How is journalism changing and why won’t sources speak to reporters?

Rob Ford and the dancing monkey

If you train a monkey to dance, then tell it to dance, and it dances, is that still news? No, Rob Ford is not newsmaker of the year. But how was 2013 for Tomorrow?

Tomorrow appoints first Artist in Residence

Jason Skinner has been named Tomorrow’s first Artist in Residence. The programme brings original art to further develop and complement our news, features and other content.

Royal baby: is it news?

There has been criticism of the news media in various countries for its wall-to-wall coverage of the birth of royal baby Prince George. Was it news?

Does data journalism work?

Tomorrow recently ran its first data journalism graphic as part of our reporting on the health inequity between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Why did we do it and did it work?

Tomorrow’s first year

Tomorrow is one year old today. We launched with The Lunch Bunch, we’ve told you about one of Canada’s most unique leaders, the debate of the shape of parliamentary chambers, the hopes and challenges of a legacy from the London 2012 Paralympic Games, the 20th anniversary of Canada’s last national referendum, indigenous education and health […]