Author: Tomorrow

Election polls blurred independence of news media

The use of hundreds of election polls by news media during the 2015 Canadian federal campaign was excessive and should be questioned on ethical grounds.

The Art of Politics: Canadian federal election 2015

Make art about the issues that matter most in the Canadian federal election 2015 at Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra in Halifax, NS, on September 19, 2015.

Morgan Bird wins double swimming gold

Tomorrow’s athlete in residence Morgan Bird is now a gold-medal winning swimmer having taken two top spots at the Para Pan Am Games in Toronto, Ontario.

Jason Skinner’s art attack

See all the art created by Tomorrow’s artist in residence, Jason Skinner, and how he’s illustrated our stories.

Our third birthday and a year of growth

Tomorrow marks its third birthday today with continued growth and unique pageviews up 23 per cent year on year – but there’s much more work ahead.

657 world destinations that tried to hack this website in 48 hours

Over 48 hours, there were 657 attempts to hack Tomorrow from IP addresses around the world, particularly Russia.

This post is about Katie Hopkins so you click it

If you know that the media is manipulating you, does that mean they should continue to manipulate because you’re not clicking away from Katie Hopkins?

Web stats 2014: Tomorrow pageviews up 44 per cent

Tomorrow’s web stats 2014 show a 44 per cent rise in pageviews and unique pages views compared to 2013.

Journalism accountability: 2013-2014 accounts for Tomorrow

Tomorrow publishes its profit and loss account for the year to April 1, 2014 towards meeting our core principle of journalism accountability.

Athlete in Residence Morgan Bird

Tomorrow would like to welcome Morgan Bird as the website’s first Athlete in Residence.