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Web trackers data and screen grabs

Source data and information for the exclusive Tomorrow investigation examining 1,111 trackers used by 162 political parties and candidates.

Parliament Hill

PMO uses more trackers than other G8 leaders combined

PM Stephen Harper’s official government website uses more trackers 30 world governments homepages while the Green Party of Canada uses even more.

United States flag

US presidential candidates use 295 trackers to campaign

Candidates vying for presidential nominations in the United States use 295 trackers between their 23 websites with Super PACs deploying hundreds more.

UK flag

Greens use more trackers than any UK political party

The Green Party of England and Wales deploys more trackers on its website than almost many other Westminster parties combined, third most in the world.


Data politics: Do web trackers win votes?

Exclusive Tomorrow investigation examines 1,111 trackers used by 162 political parties and candidates around the globe and the role of tech in campaigning.