Core principles – a model for journalism

Core principles - a model for journalism

Core principles – a model for journalism (published under Creative Commons)

Tomorrow is based on a foundation of core principles, defining how we relate to the community and sources of news, our responsibilities and our methods. Other outlets may centre themselves around the medium and technology used to distribute news (print, video, online, even social media). Tomorrow believes that core principle are a more stable basis for public trust in reporting and for our service to others.

The media, both as individuals and as an organisation, is one circle. The community, including individuals actively creating news or passively reading/viewing its information, is another. “Estates” is another circle, those formal “agencies” of the body politic that sometimes generate information and sometimes conceal it. And access, the final circle, is always in flux, an overlapping of how community and estates and media all interact.

Tomorrow is defined by principles, and it is the physical and information space where the interaction takes place and news is facilitated. News will build community around that core.

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