Athlete funding cut for ninth straight year – UPDATED

Funding for Canada’s top athletes has been cut for the ninth year in a row, Tomorrow can reveal. Though total budgets remain stable, the monthly allowance letting sportsmen and women focus on training has not risen with inflation.


The independence battalion

How the Six Nation men of the 114th Battalion in World War I shaped indigenous relations in Canada for decades to come as they asserted their independence.

The time the kosher butcher was put on trial

It was called “one of the greatest misfortunes which ever befell Canadian Jewry” when the kosher butcher in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was found guilty of using inhumane practices to animals. What did the trial mean and how did the community turn the conviction on its head?


School grades suffer in clash of cultures

Study finds lower grades for children caught between two sides – Research at a remote Quebec school looks at “cultural mismatch” of indigenous and white culture and education. Do students perform well when both spheres collide?